Personal Wellness

  Personal Wellness Treatments
          ...begin with a conversation about the clients goals for their treatment, and over all health.  Drawing on a wide range of complimentary modalities, treatments are a synthesis of gentle verbal reflection, and energetic and physical techniques, applied to the
unique needs of the client.     
      All treatments are performed in a private setting, in loose comfortable clothing.
                   $165 per hour 

                 Phone Consultations
Long distant client consultations,        
In-between session support, Professional supervision,
                      Clairvoyant Readings and Healings.

Pay only for the time you need.  Receive a recording of your session.

$120 per hour in 15 min increments

Distant Healings

Receive distant healings for any ailment, physical, emotional or spiritual.  For yourself, a family member, friend or pet.
$60 each or $150 for three