Mentorship and Tutoring

Energy Arts Mentorships
 are longer term (nine months - one year) that meet on-line for group classes, Skype phone, and in person for private sessions. EA mentorships require a letter of intention.
Acceptance is contingent on available space and assessment of student readiness. 

A personally designed program agreement is outlined during the application process.  

School Program Mentorships provide support and professional development to students as part of their school programs completion requirements for graduation. Each student's unique educational goals, provides the structure and tone for their program.
A letter of intention is required for consideration of acceptance.

Private and Semi-Private Tutoring for persons currently enrolled in a healing arts program with Life Energy Institute, SWIHA, Energy Arts Education, or any qualified school, and for persons wishing to expand their professional skills in the healing arts. 
Private tutoring $120 per hour 
Semi-private $180 per hour combined

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